I changed it so it isn't as much NaruSaku bullcrap - NaruHinaFan

Part 1: In the Chunnin Exams arc Hinatta was chosen to battle Neji Hyuga her cousin from the side branch family of the Hyuga clan. As she battled Neji Naruto kept a good cheer for her and she showed a much better preformance as Naruto cheered. After she was defeated by Neji Naruto swore to battle Neji in order to change his mind on how people where born with the future already decided and also to avege for Hinatta almost being killed by Neji with his mastery of the eight trigrams and his cruel words. Naruto and Hinatta are also in numerous other missions usally placed with Kiba and Shino also.

Part 2: As Naruto was battling Pein he was pinned between the odd gigantic neetles as he was almost out of chakra and was going to be killed by the 6th Pein. Hinatta was watching from afar with her byakugan and saw he was about to be killed as she did she leaped out to help Naruto disobeying Katsuyus orders from Naruto to not letting anyone else help fight. When she arrived Naruto was more than suprised at seeing her there as she had a fast battle with Pein before she was down as she annowced that she loves Naruto and she always had. Sorry i'm getting bored of wrighting I typed enough -_-

Hinata is one of the main character to play a important part in Naruto's life and development for eg: Kakashi, Sasuke,Sakura , the 4 hokage and etc. Naruto acknowledged her strength and many more. So people, please stop hating on Sakura and Hinata because Naruto see both of them very important to him.