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This is just NaruSaku fan bullshit don't bother to read it.

Part 1: Hinata loves Naruto, but sadly she doesn't have a lot of courage but she still manages to sometimes talk to him. When Hinata was defeated by Neji, even though Naruto vowed to be the one to defeat him, it was in his own account to change Neji's beliefs in destiny. Hinata is nothing more than a friend to Naruto. She does play a major part in both of the series and manga because she is one of naruto motivators.

Part 2: When Hinata confessed her love for Naruto, she didn't have confidence in him while he was fighting Pain. Naruto told Katyusu to tell everyone to stay out of the fight between him and Pain, but Hinata care to much for Naruto so she disobeyed his wishes and tried to help Naruto, but in the end she confessed her love for him then was killed by Pain. Naruto was so shocked that someone of the opposite sex loved him then got taken away like that so quickly, hatred for Pain exploed in rage so he tranformed in the 6 tail . Then, when Naruto comes back to the village, Hinata cries when she sees Naruto okay. But when she sees Sakura hugging Naruto (romantically) Hinata smiled, knowing that Naruto got the acknowledgement he want by the villiage and Sakura. NaruHina has had little moments in the series and the manga. Hinata has been there for Naruto through good times or bad, but was alway keeping a close eye on him like a guardian angel.

Hinata is one of the main character to play a important part in Naruto's life and development for eg: Kakashi, Sasuke,Sakura , the 4 hokage and etc. Naruto acknowledged her strength and many more. So people, please stop hating on Sakura and Hinata because Naruto see both of them very important to him.

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