Part 1: Sakura at first has an infatuation with Sasuke. In fact in the beginning I think the only reason why she became a ninja was because of that. But as the show goes on she develops real feelings for Sasuke. Then during the Chunnin Exams she finally gets a hold of herself and starts to act more like a ninja. Sasuke at first thinks Sakura is annoying. When Sakura saw Sasuke using the curse seal, she ran to him and hugged him pleading to stop which he did. After encountering with Itachi, Sasuke becomes angry and lashes it out with his teamates including Sakura. When Sasuke was about to leave the village, Sakura confessed her love for him, but it wasn't enough to stop him.

Part 2: After the time skip Naruto and Sakura encounter Sasuke for the first time. Both Naruto and Sakura plead to him to come back, but he refused, so Team 7 attacked with force. But Sasuke was too much for them and left them. Then at the 5 Kage Summit Arc, Sakura encounters Sasuke and wanted to join him even if it means betraying Konoha. But Sakura pretended since she was planning to kill Sasuke to not allow him to sink any lower. But, Sasuke caught her and attempted to kill her but was stopped by Kakashi. Then Sakura again tried to kill Sasuke but could not bring herself to do it. Once again Sasuke tried to kill her, but Naruto came in and saved Sakura. To this point both Kakashi and Sakura have given up on Sasuke meaning that SasuSaku is done but then again you never know because it looks like Hinata and Naruto might get together. If that happened that could lead to SasuSaku because deep down Sakura still loves Sasuke.

Even though Sakura likes Sasuke, in order for a relationship to work, both people must love each other. Sasuke on the other hand didn't like Sakura and proved it when he tried to kill her, this is a lie, because remember he tried to kill her because she was going to kill him, if someones tries to kill you, you will try to kill them first so you won't die.